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Sunshine & Faith

HIGHLIFE Starbucks Snowglobe Tumbler

HIGHLIFE Starbucks Snowglobe Tumbler

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This color shifting Snow Globe Tumbler is perfect for every Canna lover. Filled with glitter that shifts green and gold and silver, this reusable cup is perfect for all your summer drink needs.

Reusable 24-ounce Tumbler with lid and a solid green straw.

Each Tumbler will come with a care card

BPA Free tumbler

High Quality vinyl

Each item is handmade so small differences are possible, each design will be as close as possible to that pictured

These are Made to Order

Snow Globe Tumblers are modeled after actual snow globes, the glitter will only flow when shaken and will flow randomly. It is best to store your tumbler with the bottom up when not in use.
*** Glitter does settle at the bottom of the cup, you have to shake the cup for the glitter to move*****

Each cup will be sealed with a stopper and UV resin.


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